113th Congress Twitter Handles

by Adi





These are the twitter handles for the 113th Congress. Some of them are empty because certain congressman either have no twitter accounts, have only campaign accounts, or have old twitter accounts that don’t seem to have been updated in a long time. Most of these, however, are in the notes in the side columns. (Thanks to Kevin for turning them into links!)

This all started when my buddy Charlie, who works at Twitter, mentioned that their Hack Week was this week. He mentioned that some folks were putting together some “Discover” pages, which try to help people join Twitter through a particular interest. I checked them out:

Discover Twitter

Pop culture, “Bird Watching,” and sports. While it seemed obvious that this list could be a lot larger (and more interesting), it occurred to me that there could be a Discover page for Congress.

One issue in the activism space is finding the best way to communicate with lawmakers. We’ve found more and more that Twitter works very well—Congressmen and their aides check them constantly, if not immediately, and often respond at a much more effective rate than they would an email, letter, or phone call.

But, there’s no great, up-to-date database of Congressional Twitter accounts. Tweet Congress is a little out of date, and the information on the Sunlight Foundation site is mostly correct but not the easiest to navigate. I figured that everyone would benefit from (a) a big, updated list, all in one place, and (b) an official way (via Twitter) to follow their state’s senators and representatives.

It’s a small but important step to getting people more involved in the political landscape, and it’s a nice way of getting people’s voices heard.

I’ve been talking to some folks at Twitter, and hopefully this information comes in handy. A huge thanks to Charlie for all his help! Before we know it, we might see an awesome political Discover page that lets you stay in touch with your congressman—and lets them more easily listen to their constituents.

Let me know (in the comments) if there are any particular updates that I should make. Also, feel free to take this information and run with it!